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AviaDev Meeting System

Pre-arranged route development meetings have been an essential part of every AviaDev event. AviaDev Europe 2020 will be no different. We will provide a bespoke technological solution for those meetings. Representatives of airlines, airports and tourism boards will still receive a bespoke diary and conduct private and professional video meetings using our system across the two days.

Register as an attendee with meetings and prepare to engage with your key targets using our private, safe and reliable solution for one-to-one video meetings.

Once the scheduling is opened, you will receive an email and gain access to our bespoke meeting system

Meeting system - opens approximately 5 weeks prior to the event

You can access the meeting system directly from our website (once it is live).

Your login details will be the same you have used to register for the event. In case of any difficulties, please contact Mala Patel

Request your one-to-one meetings: meeting system closes around 10 days prior to event

Meetings are allocated on a first come, first served basis.

You will be able to request and prioritise your meetings and update this at any time up until the system closes.

Receive your draft diary - approximately a week prior to the event

Your draft diary will be emailed to you directly, this will highlight the draft meetings that have been secured for you at this time.

Receive your FINAL diary - 3 days prior to the event

You will receive your final diary in your email 3 days prior to the event. In most cases the final diary is very similar to the draft diary.