Midas Aviation Report: Regional Airports - Busting the Myths

There is a perception of what makes a regional airport that has been created over many years that needs to change. That perception is generally based around small airport terminal facilities, one or two flights a day – frequently operated by small turbo-prop aircraft with perhaps a maximum 50 seats capacity, expensive air fares, a small car rental facility, locally made cakes and meals in a small cafeteria area and early closing on most days! That may have been an image many have, but the world is changing rapidly, and regional airports are where the opportunity is today.

AviaDev Europe has partnered with Midas Aviation, an experienced team of aviation specialists that understand data, the power of effective analysis and the value of clear concise information to provide a complimentary report at the myths surrounding regional airports. Using Valencia as an example of just how regional airports are changing. 

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