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Chikelu (theodore)

Theodore Chikelu

Managing Director/ CEO, Jet Afrique

A veteran of startup airlines and an expert in route development and the African market development. Mr. Chikelu deliberately focused on the African markets and has over 25 years’ experience in marketing and business development in the whole of African aviation landscape. Theodore Chikelu was very instrumental to the extensive regional and international expansion of Bellview airlines, now called First Nation and the only Airline using airbuses in the Nigerian market now. He was also the project manager regional expansion for Sosoliso airlines, Aero Contractors and Arik air where he rose to the rank of Vice president commercial for the African Market. Mr. Chikelu collaborated with Hassan Zakari of route development initiatives which saw most of the new routes he initiated reaching 80 Per cent load factors within a few months of commencement.

The most glaring example of his work is the rapid shift of Arik air from a $10 million a month operation in 2010 to a $50 million plus a month in revenues by the end of 2012. His wealth of Knowledge of the region and the dynamics of the market will help place Jet Afrique at the fore front of efficient and well run airlines in the contemporary African market. Regulatory authorities and aviation stake holders, who are conversant with Mr. Chikelu’s work in Domestic and regional Aviation development have consistently encouraged him to initiate and establish a credible airline in Nigeria and West/Central Africa. Over the past eight years he has been on the project, developing the strategy and picking a dynamic team of like-minded and goal oriented people who will guarantee the success of the airline.