Speaker profile

Kok (Tom)

Tom Kok

Director, AviAssist Foundation

For the past 20 years, Tom has been working to connect African aviation professionals to best safety practices that are essential to their work. An important part of that experience is related to transfer of knowledge through training by the AviAssist Foundation.

He is director of the AviAssist Foundation. The AviAssist Foundation is an independent, international, and impartial non-profit that exists to champion the cause of aviation safety in Africa.

Having lived, worked and flown (PPL) in Africa for many years, Tom has gained unique expertise on African aviation safety issues. As a result, he is well versed in the technical as well complex political, social and cultural issues that play an important role in improving aviation safety in Africa. He has facilitated numerous safety trainings and workshops in Africa on a wide variety of subjects, is a regular speaker at meetings and conferences in and on the continent and is founder of the Africa’s only magazine dedicated to safety, SafetyFocus.

Tom is a law graduate of Leiden University in the Netherlands, with a specialisation in Air and Space Law, and pursued African Studies at the same university.